Ocean Partners - Base Metal Concentrates & By-Product Trading

Base Metal Concentrates & By-Product Trading


Ocean Partners specialises in the following activities:

  • The trading of copper, zinc, lead and precious metal concentrates, as well as related by-products and secondary materials. Ocean partners also provides tolling and toll blending solutions to complex concentrates on a large scale.
  • Providing a complete range of risk management services through the trading of contracts that assist mines, smelters, refiners and metal consumers to manage their exposure to fluctuations in price, currency, supply/demand and transportation costs.
  • Providing assistance with the management of credit, performance and political exposures in emerging markets.
  • Providing marketing agency and logistical services for third parties.
  • Assisting with prepayment and project finance. Involving equity investment in mining and smelting projects to complement trading activities.

Agency, Consulting and Technical Services

  • Outside of day to day trading activities, Ocean Partners provides a significant amount of agency work, consulting and technical services to developing miners, junior miners and senior producers.
  • Many developing miners look to Ocean Partners in the early stages for specialised advice on all types of metal based concentrates, as well as technical assistance when determining flow sheets. We at Ocean Partners believe this provides an excellent gateway into developing long term marketing relationships and potential investments.
  • Many well established miners also make use of Ocean Partners services when looking at M&A transactions in order to gain professional insights into the marketability of concentrates for potential acquisitions.



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