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Base Metal Concentrates & By-Product Trading

The OP Team

The Ocean Partners senior team is comprised of former “Producers” with strong academic grounding in the technical and economic aspects of the business.  Brief summaries of their careers prior to the management buy-out and the formation of Ocean Partners are as follows:



Al is a graduate of Queen’s University (1985) with a degree in Mining Engineering. After spending time in operations with Lafarge Corporation, Al joined the Noranda Sales team in 1987 helping to coordinate zinc and lead concentrate purchases and sales for the Noranda group.

Al left for Pechiney World Trade (PWT) in 1993 as the zinc/lead trader, a role he maintains at Ocean Partners.

15 years in the mining, metals and trading business (Ivernia/Enirgi/Teck Cominco).

Brent is a graduate of the University of British Columbia (Commerce) and a Canadian Chartered Accountant with 15 years experience in the mining, metals and trading business.

Before joining Ocean Partners in 2013, Brent was the CFO for Ivernia Inc. and Enirgi Metals Group, companies focused on lead mining and secondary lead smelting in Australia. Brent also worked in finance roles for Teck.


Devin is a graduate of Fordham University (2000) with a degree in Economics and Duke University’s The Fuqua School of Business (2006) with an Executive MBA.

From 1995 until 2000 he worked at Pechiney World Trade (PWT) and was then transferred to Pechiney Trading Limited (PTL) in 2001 where he managed the secondary trading business, as well as having regional responsibility in Eastern Europe on concentrate and blister. Devin currently focuses on copper concentrate trading and blending operations.

John is a graduate of the University College of Cork (2002) with an Executive MBA.

John started his career as a shipbroker in Ireland in 1986 and joined Anglo American in 1999 as head of logistics and shipping for the Lisheen mine. He subsequently moved into sales and marketing and was Manager of the sales and marketing office for the Lisheen mine as well as overseeing sales strategy for the Black Mountain mine from 2007 to February 2011. He joined Ocean Partners in April of 2011 and is based out of the UK office.

Jeff is a graduate of Queen’s University (1980) with a degree in Mining Engineering. After university, he worked in various management positions in ASARCO’s Tennessee Mines Division from 1980 to 1983. It was during this time that Jeff received his MBA degree from the University of Tennessee. The following 4 years were spent in ASARCO’s New York offices in the Ore Department where Jeff oversaw the Lead/Zinc concentrate desk.

In 1987 Jeff transferred to Elders Raw Material Ltd. to begin his trading career, concentrating on lead, zinc, tin and copper concentrates. He left for Pechiney World Trade (PWT) in 1990 as the Lead/Zinc trader and took over responsibility for PWT’s Ores and Concentrate Department in 1992 through to the management buyout from Alcan.

Upon completion of the MBO, Jeff assumed the role of Chairman and Managing Director of Ocean Partners Holdings Limited in October 2004. Jeff stepped down as Managing Director on December 31st, 2014 and will continue in his role as Chairman.

Siva graduated from Southampton University in 1984, with a BSc Joint Honours in Accounting and Law.

After 15 years experience with various banks (The Bank of New York, Fortis and Standard Bank) working in the commodity finance and related fields, Siva established his own boutique advisory company arranging Trade Project Finance.  In 2004, Siva assisted with the Ocean Partners MBO and subsequently in 2005 joined the company.

Siva was promoted to Managing Director on January 1st, 2015.

Steve graduated from the University of Wales (Swansea) in 1987, with BSc Honours in Geography and has more than 20 years of experience within the raw materials sector of the lead and zinc industry.

Since starting his career in the UK, Steve has worked for a number of the world’s leading zinc and lead smelting companies based in The Netherlands, Belgium and more recently in Switzerland where Steve was head of Raw Materials and By-Products for Nyrstar, the world’s largest zinc and lead producer. In July 2012, Steve joined Ocean Partners’ concentrate trading team and is based in Wilton, USA.

Walter is a graduate of the University of Toronto, with degrees in Geology (B.Sc., 1978) and Business (MBA, 1980).

From 1980 until 1994 he worked in the sales and marketing division of Noranda Inc., initially posted to the Lead/Zinc Concentrate department before being appointed head of the Precious Metals Recycling and then Copper Concentrate departments.  In 1994 he joined Pechiney World Trade (PWT) as head of Copper Concentrate and Blister trading, a position he still holds with Ocean Partners.

Senior Traders

Bayar studied in Odessa State University (Ukraine) and Mongolian State University, earning a bachelor’s degree in International relations in 1996.

He began his career in trading in 1998 when he joined Pechiney to develop the resource trading business in Mongolia. Bayar continues these duties at Ocean Partners where he focuses on copper, gold and molybdenum. He is a loyal fan of the British band Depeche Mode.

James is a metallurgist with 25+ years in the mining, metals and trading business mainly spent with Teck.

James joined Ocean Partners in 2015 and is based in Taiwan managing our Asian copper blending operations and providing general oversight over our Asian trading efforts.


Jay is a graduate of the Technical University of Nova Scotia (1991, now Dalhousie University) with a degree in Metallurgical Engineering.  After university he worked in various engineering positions at Noranda’s Brunswick Smelter in eastern Canada.  In 1996 Jay was instrumental in bringing a lead-acid battery recycling operation to the plant and in 1999 was selected as part of Noranda’s initial contingent of Six Sigma trainees where he became a Black Belt and was also a Six Sigma instructor.  In 2002 Jay moved to fill the Business Superintendent position where he was responsible for ‘the business of smelting’ including the lead-recycling program and the inaugural ISO9001 registration.

In January 2009, Jay joined Ocean Partners as the “Secondary Materials Trader”.  His responsibilities include smelter secondary materials, minor elements and precious metal bearing concentrates and other materials.

Juan Carlos is an Industrial Engineer from the Universidad de Lima with 15+ years in the mining, metals and trading business (MK Metals and Antamina).

Juan Carlos joined MK Metals in 2003 which was subsequently acquired by OP in 2012.

Juan Carlos is based in Wilton, CT and oversees trading of all metals in Peru and the rest of Central and South America.

Koenraad is a graduate of the University of Edinburgh (MA Honors International Business Administration) and the Rotterdam School of Management (MSc in Strategic Management) with 10 years experience in the trading business.

Before joining Ocean Partners in 2014, Koenraad was the Commercial Manager for the Oilseeds division of Louis Dreyfus China based in Beijing.

Koenraad is currently focused on Zinc, Lead, Copper concentrate and by-product trading activities in Europe and Northern Africa.

Roberto is a graduate from ITESM Campus Puebla (2012) with a degree in Industrial Engineering and minor in Systems with over 8 years experience in the mining trading business.

Roberto is based in Wilton, CT and heads up trading of zinc, copper, lead, gold and silver in Latin America and supports businesses in USA, Canada, Brazil and Central America.

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