Ocean Partners - Base Metal Concentrates & By-Product Trading

Base Metal Concentrates & By-Product Trading

Jay Hemenway

Jay is a graduate of the Technical University of Nova Scotia (1991, now Dalhousie University) with a degree in Metallurgical Engineering.  After university he worked in various engineering positions at Noranda’s Brunswick Smelter in eastern Canada.  In 1996 Jay was instrumental in bringing a lead-acid battery recycling operation to the plant and in 1999 was selected as part of Noranda’s initial contingent of Six Sigma trainees where he became a Black Belt and was also a Six Sigma instructor.  In 2002 Jay moved to fill the Business Superintendent position where he was responsible for ‘the business of smelting’ including the lead-recycling program and the inaugural ISO9001 registration.

In January 2009, Jay joined Ocean Partners as the “Secondary Materials Trader”.  His responsibilities include smelter secondary materials, minor elements and precious metal bearing concentrates and other materials.

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