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Our Commitment to Accessibility

Ocean Partners is committed to making our online services inclusive because accessibility has a positive effect on general usability, and we believe that websites that are accessible and usable are more beneficial to everyone.

We will maintain a program of continuous improvement and testing regarding accessibility issues.

While designing our website, accessibility was a key consideration.  As such the design incorporates the following features: –  

  • Web pages can be viewed at different screen resolutions on all commonly used web browsers.
  • The site can easily be navigated via a mouse or keyboard input device through a series of intuitive menus. 
  • The pages have been organised in a logical hierarchy with clear headings and appropriate HTML5 landmarks.
  • Where relevant, descriptive ALT tags have been assigned to images.
  • Information about the layout of the website has been provided in the form of a sitemap.

Users may also be able to enhance their browsing experience by adjusting their computer settings or installing specific programs to change text size, adjust screen brightness or read the text on the site out loud. 

If you experience difficulties using part of our website, then please contact us at [email protected].