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Over the years, we have assisted many new and existing mining operations in the sales and marketing of their copper, lead, zinc and/or precious metal concentrates, often at a significantly lower cost compared to staffing up a commercial department.

Our knowledgeable and proficient international team can provide a wide range of marketing and ‘back office’ administration services on a client’s behalf.  These can include:

  • Issuing and evaluating tenders.
  • Drafting sales contracts.
  • Negotiation of terms with potential off-takers to secure long-term and spot off-take contracts.
  • Assistance in developing hedging strategies.
  • Coordination of all traffic functions (inland and offshore).
  • Appointment of representatives to supervise weighing sampling and testing operations.
  • Arrange for assaying of samples and umpires.
  • Assessment of independent laboratories for cost & performance.
  • Assist in arranging proper insurance coverage and preparation of reports for quarterly premium calculations.
  • Executing agreed hedging strategies.
  • Regular liaison with mine staff to ascertain production rates, inventory levels and product quality to develop and monitor the most efficient shipping schedule for your customers.
  • Issuing and collection of invoices.  Preparation of invoices and supporting documentation for auditing purposes.
  • Regular reporting to mine on stock, exposures, receivables, etc.
  • Preparation of regular reports from industry standard ERP/CTRM systems

We are sensitive to potential perceived conflicts of interest and fully understand the necessity of always representing our clients’ best interests.  So long as we have an open and honest dialogue with our clients, we believe that we can help our clients achieve a better bottom line by tapping into our principal business and banking contacts.

Ocean Partners can offer consulting services to the owners of existing mines and prospective projects who are looking to develop marketing strategies that will maximise net smelter returns (NSR) across the complete commodity cycle. 

Clients benefit from Ocean Partners long established links with smelters throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas which enable us to provide:

  • Market analysis of specific concentrate qualities.
  • Identification of “strategic” smelters and development of a comprehensive marketing strategy.
  • Statistical analysis of concentrate market developments.


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