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A major mining operation in South America, required acquisition financing and an agent to take over the administration and logistical services associated with its concentrate shipments.

The experienced Ocean Partners back-office team was able to provide a seamless handover from the disposing team, providing continuity of supply via rail, truck and sea freight to the mine’s global customers while ensuring that the company had sufficient working capital support to manage operations.  As part of the offering, Ocean Partners was also able to assist with a significant prepayment facility, an even more significant working capital facility and hedging services to provide a full level of service to the customer and allow the acquiring company to minimize dilution from equity markets.

Agency services provided by Ocean Partners are specifically tailored towards an individual client’s need and can cover all or specific aspects of selling and shipping concentrates from mine gate to deliver to final customers (typically offshore).

A major South American mine was producing copper concentrates that exceeded the Chinese import limits for certain deleterious elements. 

Ocean Partners entered a joint venture with the owner of the mine to blend a portion of the mines output with other materials at our facility in Taichung. 

The blends produced at Ocean Partners facilities were able to be readily sold into the Chinese market and enabled our partner to generate revenue from production that would otherwise have been extremely challenging to sell.